I didn’t realize how some chefs kept it real as fuck until only a couple years ago when I seen like Anthony Bourdain throwin’ all these food personalities under the bus. I always had that image of dude with the curly mustache and french accent in my head, not to say they don’t keep it real behind that kitchen door, but it just never crossed my mind that they were real people (eh, yeah). I’m also not much of a foodie (too broke, son!) and I think my moms ‘just think of it as medicine’ healthy foods broke my palate forever. Anyway, Roy Choi the co-founder of the famed Kogi trucks goes in on this post from his blog.

I’ve been going through some deep shit this week.  Butterfly block party.  I’ve been thinking about leaving cooking for awhile.  I can’t find meaning anymore.  I traveled the path.  Culinary school.  NYC restaurants.  Professional career.  Flavor innovator.

But what does it all mean?

People that I try to convince in business that there is something special here, right here..only ask me about profitability.


Maybe I talk like I’m from Saturn but I don’t understand profitability.

Profitability when our whole existence is at stake?

Fuck you.

I stopped eating meat this week.  That’s why I’m thinking about leaving cooking.  How can I cook with out using meat?  I will taste, for now as that is my profession.  But I will no longer eat meat for my own consumption.

Animals be talking to me.  They told me..stop. Stop, Roy.  Please.

I talk to animals and kids.  I feed adults.  Time to switch.  Talk to adults. Feed animals and kids.

What are we gonna do about our streets now that you adults have accepted street food?

Some of ya’ll are probably like ‘what is he talking about’ and I’m not going to pretend I understand everything he’s gettin’ at. But that’s why I fux with it. It’s just mad ‘crazy visions’ (Ghostface Killah™) and I applaud the unfiltered honesty. Just gotta analyze it now or wait for more developments. And judging by the comments section, it seems like developments are definitely on the way. Read the post in full on his blog here.

[via koream]