Most of my friends who had to undergo mandatory military service in Korea hated that shit. Others are dreading it. Soo-hwan Kim went voluntarily AFTER being discharged from the US Marines.

Born in Southern California in 1986, the 26-year-old served in the United States Marine Corps for seven years prior to joining the ROK Army last month. He’s currently training at the army training center in Nonsan.

“I could’ve avoided serving in the Korean army had I lived abroad for longer, but I already felt too homesick from leaving Korea,” Kim said. “I applied to fulfill my duty as a Korean even if that meant serving in the military twice. I really think I made a great decision.”

“It was really awkward at first,” Kim added, “because I started as a recruit again after serving in the U.S. army as an executive. But my goal is to adjust as soon as I can to defend our country.”

Yo, I don’t know if I should give this dude props or SMH. I mean, some people are really about that life but according to dude, he just really missed Korea and doesn’t plan on staying in the military.

Kim’s plan after being discharged from the ROK Army is to help his father’s business and attending college.

I’m staring at this photo trying to find traces of crazy but he seems normal. I’m so confuse, somebody please explain.

[via koream]