Complex Magazine is known for putting together lists. Some are dead on, some are just for the humor, and then there’s those instances where they hit that super sweet spot of accuracy and hilarity.

For their 25 Douchiest Bars in NYC Right Now List they just go IN on this one spot that every Korean in NYC knows about.

11. Third Floor Cafe

Neighborhood: Koreatown

Address315 5th Ave.
Type of douche: Korean finance bros

While the majority of Koreatown bars have either been revamped or replaced as the neighborhood has evolved over the last decade, Third Floor remains stuck in a ’90s time warp. Which is to say, this dimly lit third-floor (duh) lounge/bar is where buttoned-up dudes pumped full of soju-bomb courage struggle-flirt with younger NYU Stern/F.I.T./Parsons chicks on the precipice of bad decisions, all in a race to see who can get shit-faced the fastest before the inevitable slog to Circle. The “bro” translates in any language, bro.

Yo… hahahahahhahah!!

Honestly, they’re right. But the above description can be said about any Ktown bar. And even so, it’s not like any of the regulars will deny any of this nor will they stop going. All good. What I will say in Third Floor’s defense is that they got some cute girls on staff and their happy hour special is crazy ($20 all you can eat/drink).

“Korean finance bros” <— *DEAD

If you’re wondering how a spot like this even gets attention on a list for Complex, they keep a pretty multi-ethnic staff. I see you ______, you a fool for this one!

  • publicanon

    the bouncer is actually really nice though…


      yeah the whole staff is cool. they’re talking about the crowd.

      • tiredofyoass

        true true.. it’s the short, yet well suited, spikey hair mothafoker with the flushing fade who takes the 7 train to his decent finance job in the city… but still lives at his moms house cause he blasts all his funds on overpriced, yet skimped grams of tree (some fool tried to sell me .07 or $80 once.. wtf) and halfassed booking/table service at circle. i just described 50% of the crowd you’re refering to…