Damn, bro. This is a new low.

Korean net cafe signage informing patrons that the establishment enforces a strict “No Japs Allowed” policy – unless the prospective customer shouts “Dokdo is Korean territory!” three times – is currently attracting much attention online.

The sign was introduced by a South Korean net cafe in response to the continued existence of Japan and its nefarious insistence that the sovereignty of the islands in question should be determined by impartial UN adjudicators, and was soon proving popular on major Korean forums (although the absence of Japanese wording did not escape comment).

Sigh. This has seriously got to stop. Being Korean myself, it’s just embarrassing. I challenge them to go to Japan, open up a cafe, and pull that shit. I think the biggest victims here are the Japanese kids living in Korea who probably got it bad enough getting picked on in school. Fuck this.

[via sankakucomplex]

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  • akang

    tokyo has the inverse… “japanese only” cafe’s.