I’m sure many of you have seen this picture already. Yes, hilarious.

But a lot of you wondered ‘whatinthahailll?’.

McDonald’s Japan created a ‘promo event’ last October charging only 150 Yen for any size order (that’s about $1.70). So naturally, the Japanese youth made it rain with ‘potato parties’. Although that promo never made it across seas to Korea, these copycat teens decided to do it anyway, shelling out over $250 for the stunt.

And people are pissed.

If you’re wasteful with food in Korea, you can bet either your parents or some random old head is going to beat your ass. We don’t know the fate of these youngsters, but apparently the employees got mad as hell and random Asian internetz want blood!

But the priceyness of the prank didn’t do much to temper the outrage of the restaurant’s employees, who ordered the “brats” to “stop causing trouble” and “get out of here.”

Support for the employees flooded Twitter and other social networking sites, with manyexcoriating the teenagers for their callous insolence.

Some called on the perpetrators to be tracked down and punished, while others were merely content expressing shock at the “high number of glasses.”

Anyway, that shit is funny as hell. If you throw a fry party, send us PIX. But yo, you need to top these kids because we in ‘MURRICA, yaheard?

[via gawker]

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