Damn, how you going to just run up on Kim Kardashian and flour bomb her? LOL. PETA stay od’ing. Kim’s pressing charges against the assailant and I don’t blame her, yo! Do your protests by taking off ya clothes off and jumping into your cages but you don’t have to be a real animal with the shit. I don’t really care for Kim and any of these reality star celebs but man, I bet Kim felt like crying on that red carpet. That shit ain’t cool.

Turns out the activist is a Korean chack named Christina Cho from Chicago.

No comment.

[via iamkoream]

  • eugene

    AHAHA. time to deep fry now

  • Dave

    ^ HAHA

  • http://Website Sara

    Dear Kim,


    P.s. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA, you suck!

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