So the Youtube Music Awards happened last night. I didn’t get a chance to watch it but I saw the winners and like everyone else, I was pretty confused. Eminem for Youtube artist of the year? His videos have been pretty lackluster. And then, SNSD Girl’s Generation’s “I Got a Boy” for video of the year? What!

…the voting is done by sharing the nomination videos¬†AKA whore this shit out for us so we can get free viral advertising and sell ad space to our sponsors. And as you guys already know, the K-pop fandom, in general, can compete with any psycho fandom around the world

Ohhhh, okay. But the other “psycho fandom” (AsianJunkie’s words lol) like the One Direction fans and the Beliebers got pretty upset and it’s just maddd racial slurs coming out of these preteens (mad cute). I don’t care about these junior bigots really and I fux with Kpop, but I just don’t know about constantly forcing it onto people. That’s not how you convert people, let them discover it on their own. Also, spare your artist from that spotlight and putting them through the reality that the general population don’t care like that. I don’t know man, shit’s just awkward. Like I wouldn’t keep entering my rocket scientist son into a beauty pageant. I’m going to let him prosper at the annual invention competitions. Peep this acceptance speech (audience silence):

[youtube id=”jrLL2DOaDJk” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Jason Schwartzman sweating balls up there.

[via asianjunkie]

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