If you’re unfamiliar with G.Na, she’s a kpop star that got some catchy songs and pretty much LOOKS GOOD IN ANYTHING. Here’s more proof of that as she models Guess underwear in a Nylon Korea spread. And here’s a GUESS rep explaining the whole situation here but mainly because it’s hilarious how quick your eyes are going leap over this blurb to get to the flicks.

“‘GUESS’ underwear brings apparel that are comfortable and wearable for the young and active customers. We are also releasing ‘GUESS’ uniquely glamorous and colorful products for this year’s S/S season… G.NA’s sexy, bright, and positive image matches well with the brand so we held a pictorial with her for the new collection.”



The singer is currently on hiatus but this is definitely going to have fans fiendin for that comeback!

[via allkpop]

  • DUDE

    My nose is bleeding from the shitty photoshop.



  • wut

    homegirl needs to do some cot damn squats