For their comeback, Kpop group Stellar just said fuck it, and came out with a ’19+ rated’ video for the song “Marionette”. Of course, what they mean by 19+ is PG-13 in America but you gotta give them props for being so daring for their industry. But that’s where it stops. Parts of the choreography is sexy but when they really had the milk dripping down their lip and cleavage and then started rubbing their T+A, it turned awkward.┬áLike damn, you doing too much right now. I already know you marketing this shit to us guys but when you make it so obvious…it’s similar to when you first arrive at a bar/club, sober, and you see that one chick who’s already far beyond wasted but trying to be sexy and you just gotta keep it moving. I need to know from native Koreans if this is really what’s up right now. It’s a shame too because I’m actually kinda digging the tune and the girls are hot.

[youtube id=”NCQpzHPYRUc” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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  • Paul Bae

    But the ass rubbing is not sexy, more so because they don’t walk stairs.

  •!/LimaCake LimaCake

    Harmless. Good song. But waaay too try-hard. Sober girls acting like they’re drunk.