It’s always funny to see dudes celebrating the shit out of some chick’s pictures/videos coming out and then losing their minds to find it when the party gets shut down.

[July 25th], a Weibo post on the internet with an image of a sexy Korean girl attached was widely reposted and forwarded by netizens. The female in the photo is suspected of being Korean [possibly internet] host/anchor Park Nima [朴妮唛/박니마] who has become suddenly famous for the “KW7142 Lingerie” video with Chinese netizens clamoring for sources to download the video.

According to reports, there are a total of four videos of circulating claiming to be this girl’s sexy dance video with three of them having been confirmed to be fakes and only one being authentic according to netizens who have viewed it. It is approximately half and hour long, and features the girl scantily clad in lace appearing on camera flirting or seducing the camera, with netizens praising how hot her body is. In addition, someone has even set up a Baidu “Park Nima” discussion forum, the discussion forum quickly gathering over 600 members and over 6500 posts, attracting massive amounts of traffic and attention from netizens.

600 members and over 6,500 posts! You know what that means? Dudes are on a mission to find that RAR, MP4, AVI, ZIP, TORRENT file!! And after these blogs go up, the search party will only multiply. I think the fact that Korean porn is somewhat of a rarity contributes to the madness. What do ya’ll think? Here’s a heavily-edited rated R version:



[via chinasmack]