Uniqlo ain’t the only one throwing manga visuals on their threads. Lacoste pays tribute to the godfather of manga, Osamu Tezuka. Designs feature Black Jack, The Mysterious Underground, and of course, Astroboy. T-shirts will go for roughly $80, polos $165. What you expect? This Lacoste, dawg!

More details:

Hiroaki Ohya drew inspiration from the Ashita wo Kirihiraku Tezuka Osamu no Kotoba 201―Ima wo Ikiru Hito-tachi he book to design the collection. Published in 2005, the book compiles over 200 messages from the late “God of Manga.” Ohya based his collection on Tezuka’s following words from the book: “Since ancient times, humanity has continued to carry three dreams. Those are flying in the air, transforming, and communicating with animals and nature.” Ohya chose scenes from The Mysterious Underground MenAstro Boy, and Black Jack respectively to evoke those dreams in the collection. Ohya also collaborated with Tezuka Productions to produce the “Astro Boy by Ohya fashionbrand in 1999.









Some of these joints is questionable but any homage to Tezuka is dope to me.

[via animenewsnetwork]

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