For all of you who watched Video Game High School and wished it was reality, travel to China and live it out.

Located in the Songjiang University District of Shanghai, China, this is certainly a institution the first of it’s kind. A few universities in the area will be helping with recruiting for the fledgling school but chances are there will be so many people flocking to attend that it’ll have the exclusivity of an Ivy League.

This might sound like insanity to Westerners but it’s actually a smart move for those in the east. Being a professional gamer in Asia is equivalent to being a professional athlete in the US, and people are increasingly taking it on as a career. Its an industry that turns teens into motherfucking ballers. Don’t believe me? Look up SK Telecom T1, a professional South Korean gaming team of 5 players with a gross income of over $1 million. These dudes will fuck yo bitch quicker than The BasedGod son.

So if you find yourself spending a lot of time playing, maybe its time to leave your basement, grab a Asian lady visor and make the trek to China.



  • Babyjas

    thats crazy