In this last decade, it seems cunnilingus went from being a taboo to something a lot of women demand from dudes. And if your girl is in that category and you’re willing but aren’t sure about your technique, this website wants to help. It’s called Lick This. There’s no download involved. It’s a website you access through your phone that promises it will help you with your form through three ‘games’.

“Up n’ Down,” which challenges users to flick a light switch up and down as quickly as possible.

“Circles,” which has users move the handle of a mechanical pencil sharpener around as quickly as possible.

“Freestyle,” which asks users to use their tongue as an implement to jab at a beach ball bouncing seemingly at random around the screen.

The website also suggests you ‘wrap it up’ by sticking saran wrap over the phone to prevent water damage I suppose? Do ya’ll fux with this? Either way, seems like we come a long way fromĀ dude asking his bro for the secret sex manual in American Pie.

[via huffpost]