I see a lot of cats talkin’ bout “YOLO” (You Only Live Once), but are they really really living it? This 76-year old Japanese dude, on the other hand, does not give a fuck, son!

Nagasaki rises each day and does stretches in the sun. Reuters reports that he eats (mostly boiled rice cakes) “whenever hunger strikes,” which is when most people eat. He travels an hour by boat once a week to buy food and, as none of the water on the island is potable, drinking water. He puts on clothing for that trip, but, otherwise, nuh-uh, not having it.

As a special treat for all you drone-in-training college kids and cubicle inhabitants, here are some lovely quotes accompanied by pictures of liberated spirit bare ass.

“I don’t do what society tells me, but I do follow the rules of the natural world.”

“Finding a place to die is an important thing to do, and I’ve decided here is the place for me”

“If you put on clothes, you’ll feel completely out of place.”

“To die here, surrounded by nature – you just can’t beat it, can you?”

Anyway, that was hilarious. He looks happy.

[via gawker]