Link Beach 08.25.12

Published On August 25, 2012 | By Dave | link beach

Oh yeah! Do some reading and enjoy your weekend, folks!


3 Great Moments: Broken English from Japanese Anime…Cracked

Miss Philippines is a Hip Hop Champ…Wall Street Journal

Hottest Kpop Female Rappers…XXL

Gangnam Style Dissected…Atlantic

Behind the Scenes of the Ktown Reality Show…KoreAm

I Loves Chad Future and What He Represents...Asian Junkie

Kim Lee interview…Japan Cinema

Fantasy Football Nerds...SB Nation

How to Throw a Knife Like a Ninja..Made Man



Complex writer gets a cease and desist from Bergdorf Goodman…Four Pins

Puma Designer Jon Tang on What It Means to Be a Sneaker Designer…Hypebeast


Cultural Miseducation…Culture Strike

Why Richard Aoki is Still a Symbol of Solidarity…8 Asians

Where’s Evidence Aoki was FBI informant…Hyphen


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