Before screening Linsanity: The Movie at the Asian American International Film Festival in New York, I had my doubts about the film. It hasn’t even been two full years since “Linsanity” and the Houston Rocket’s career is only just beginning. Isn’t it a little too soon?

Two Sundays ago, Lin performed in front of a capacity crowd of 13,686 fans in Taiwan for the NBA Global Games. The Houston Rockets beat the Indiana Pacers 107-98 and Lin was electric. The kid has a flair for the dramatic, and for that, he has an ardent fan base. Linsanity is still going strong for the people of Taiwan.

Linsanity: The Movie can’t really explain why that is. It won’t explain the phenomenon or why it blew up the way it did. But it will show you how Jeremy Lin put himself in that position. The idea that the kid came out of nowhere was not his own doing. He always showed a knack for performing on the big stage.Lin has been the best player on his team at every level leading up to his incredible run at the NBA. And he was always overlooked. The documentary really pushes the fact that Lin was destined to play in the NBA.

The film’s most unique aspect is its access to Lin’s private life, something he and his family have been notoriously protective of. The doc features previously unseen footage of Lin’s family life and amateur career. It’s the kind of footage that is only made possible because the film team (lead by director Evan Jackson Leong) was there from the beginning, documenting Linsanity before Linsanity. The producers stuck with him through all the ups and downs based on a hunch that this kid from Palo Alto was going to do big things.

Of course, Lin himself will admit that “Linsanity” was never his expectation. The “Linsanity” thing was a sort of divination of God. Or, at least, that’s the only way he can explain it.

For those not so religious, Lin’s talking head interviews may seem didactic at times. Not to say that this was the filmmakers’ intent, but perhaps it was that of Lin. For him, basketball is a vessel to spread the word of God. If you can suspend your disbelief, Lin’s more personal moments trying to reconcile his experience with his faith are some of the film’s more profound insights.

At it’s core, Linsanity is an underdog story that can appeal to anyone who’s had to put in double the effort for a shot. And if you’re Asian American, this is as much your story as it is about Jeremy Lin. It’s the Asian American Come Fly With Me.

Forget about whether it’s too soon for a “Linsanity” movie. Even Jordan had that integral hype film that marked the beginning of his journey (at least, that’s what Lin fans are hoping for). But at the end of the day, Linsanity  does what it’s supposed to do, document the events and circumstances that lead to a big moment in sports history. Have a little faith.

words by Dat Winning (@datwinning)