When I went to college, I was cool with a lot of frat dudes. They get a lot of bad press but from my experience, they did a lot of good social work (obligatory or not) and liked to party (so yeah, we got along). I also wasn’t too mad at the whole hazing thing. That shit is kinda ingrained in our culture (koreans at least with hyung cultures and all that lol).

But this right here?

[youtube id=”4bEz9RTsie8″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

C’mon son… ya’ll just playyyyyyyyyyed yourselves and generations of brothers (and other fraternities who will get that negative wave of associative criticism). I’m just glad there are sites like Angry Asian Man┬áto publically denounce ya’ll. We at Gumship are going to take it a step further and officially ask you to slap yourselves, and then slap the person holding the camera, and then the dude who edited the footage, and then the dude who uploaded the shit….. it’s like, there were so many steps to getting this video made and nobody in between to go ‘wait a minute….’. Like, really? HAHAHAHAHAA WHAT IN THE FUCK?!

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  • AL

    Truth. The only thing we can do is lead by example.

  • Stella Maris

    I’m super down to backhand these hoes back to reality.

  • Ramon S Mayle

    Is it really that upsetting? I’m a black guy who’s been force to examine and re-examine the practice of black face and aside from the facepaint to make him look like a black guy, it didn’t really match up with the typical portrayal of black face.

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  • kat

    totally agree with Ramon.. i dont know what the fuss is about. They didn’t even insult black people one bit. The college kid was merely trying to play the Jay-Z character in their ‘music video’.

  • kr.

    ramon: blackface is wrong, PER-I-OD. it’s not going to match up with the “typical” portrayal of blackface because it’s 2013 – blackface today isn’t gonna be a minstrel show like it’s still 1910. if they just wanted to make some stupid video looking like dumb asses lip-syncing and NOT be racist about it, they could have done without the offensive face paint. they’re in freaking COLLEGE, for fuck’s sake. they need to act like they’re actually learning something in their classes and we need to hold them accountable for it.

  • JoeMamba

    I guess we should all get upset whenever one person from a different ethnic background dresses up as a person from another ethnic culture huh?

    Was this cool? not really, but should you get your panties tied up in knots over this? nope.