The Magic Restroom Cafe is opening in Los Angeles. This means you’ll finally get your chance to eat on your toilet in public like you do at home. This is kinda hilarious but also unappetizing as fuck. And it’s a shame because they’re serving up curry and zha jiang myun; two of my favorite foods that happen to have an unfortunate kaka-colored presentation. I can see a couple of people hitting this place up for the novelty/curiosity but I don’t really see it sustaining itself. I MEAN, DON’T NAME YOUR FOOD ‘SMELLS-LIKE-POOP’ (braised pork over rice) AND YOUR DESSERTS ‘BLOODY NUMBER TWO’ (vanilla-strawberry sundae). Before I forget, it’s important to know meals are served on little toilet bowl dishes. Again, it’s still some pretty funny stuff going on here.




[via eater]

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