An otaku celebrated his wedding day by helping his wife ‘kill’ his virtual girlfriend.

According to some reports, the bride sprang the destruction of the cartridge on her recently-acquired husband as a surprise, but he elected to take part in the smashing anyway. With tears in his eyes, he helped his new wife crush his digital ex with a mallet.

TEARS IN HIS EYESSS! Yo, real talk, clap it up for this dude. Also, that must be one damn good dating sim game, where can we get our hands on a copy of Love Plus?

Serious question for the ladies, would you love a man who loves a virtual character or a real doll a la Ryan Gosling flick? Do you see them as weirdos or damaged souls that you could maybe save? Also, would you ever get into a physical altercation with an inanimate object if your boyfriend was cheating on you with it? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA AIight, I fucked up the serious tone. Forget the last question. Actually, that might be a real thing too. Ladies, what’s good?

[via escapist]

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