I know most of ya’ll seen this already but this right here is the WORST. I ride the subway pretty often and I often think about how I could easily get pushed onto the track. I ride the subway and think about it so often, I’ve run all the different scenarios in my head: getting into a fight and being shoved, pushed over the ledge by someone who isn’t looking where they’re going, and even slipping on the platform. So, seeing this right here fuuuuuuucks me up. For the record, I took the train yesterday, but I was damn near hugging the wall.

In New York, a 58-year-old man was killed after he was pushed onto subway tracks and struck by a train…

According to witnesses, Ki-Suk Han was pushed onto the tracks of an oncoming midtown train by a man who had been mumbling to himself as walked along the platform at the 49th Street station. Han tried to climb back onto the platform but didn’t make it in time.

DAMN! Then they had this crazy ass flick on the cover of the New York Post.

I HATE. Let’s pray for Mr. Han’s soul and hope justice prevails (police say they have a suspect in custody).

[via angryasianman]

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