Some dude in China married a woman who had a looooot of plastic surgery done. Like more than $100,000 worth. She would’ve ‘gotten away’ with it too, if it weren’t for what he considered a really ugly baby. That’s fucked up to say, but damn, I kinda don’t blame dude. This chick used to literally look like a drunk ET. Not trying to be mean, just accurate.

Cotdamn! I don’t blame her either for getting the plastic surgery done. Nowadays, with all the advances in that field, why not get your face done and enjoy the attention of dudes trying to wine and dine you. But at a certain point, it’s going to catch up to you IF you’re not honest about it when the relationship gets really serious. Either way, aside from the money she’s getting sued for, I’m sure there’s a bunch of guys out there who don’t give a shit about the past and is down to bump uglies with an ex-ugly.

The baby is the real victim here. She will always be known as the ugly baby that made daddy divorce mommy. Fucked up. What a world, yo!

  • Riley Jeru

    dat is f’up for the baby though i mean i understand y he’s suing her but to use der child geez! U kno its not her fault entirely too kus if the baby came out not the way he wanted den he must be as fugly as hell too kus it takes two to make dat one child! I hope dat baby grows up and makes his life miserable jus saying :)