When you go to work, you go to work. Hitting on that cute receptionist or your hot coworker is just an added bonus. Not for this factory worker in China. In his resignation letter, he says “the factory is too small” and “the girls are too few…difficult to hit on them”.

Senior managers at the factory accepted the section chief’s resignation. One of them even said, “Don’t complain. It’s your own fault for lacking the skills to chat up girls.”

Internet user “@luweiji” confirmed the news. It was also said that the man couldn’t find a girlfriend during his three-year stint at the factory. With no motivation left, he quit his job.

That’s kinda bawse but definitely not peeimp. Love the reaction of the senior managers and I agree, ‘can’t hold ya hand through this shit, son’. This next detail especially cracks me up.

After the complaint, the management did organize a social networking event with girls from other plants, but sadly it failed.

HA! I love it.

[via weirdasianews]