There’s a new Marvel anime coming out in Japan next Spring, but not without a twist. Instead of just letting the superheroes do battle with villains, they invented a whole thing where the heroes and villains are sealed up in disks and it’s up to five kids to restore these heroes.¬†Yeah, Marvel Disk Wars, bro


Aiight, calm down. This series is geared towards boys aged 6-12 and you know there’s going to be a shit ton of merchandise tied into it, disks and other hero/villain capturing and releasing devices. Honestly, if you know anything about anime, the wackier the premise, the better it is. I expect to see a lot of good fight scenes and little kids with visible sweat droplets trying to help Spiderman win! And if it does turn out utterly whack, you still got the original comics, cartoons, and movies.


[via animenewsnetwork]

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