This is where we track down that girl in that music video and ask her questions related to the clip. But first, here’s the video.

Song: “All I Need”
Artist: Rooftop Pursuit
Directed by: Descendant Films

M.C. Barao

Have you ever been hit on in the subway? I would never know, I’m always on my headset. Someone would really have to get my attention because I’m always listening to music.

Have you ever had a fight in public? Of course, but it’s never to the point where I make my man feel disrespected.
I fux with the twist at the end of the video, have you ever had any missed connections like that? I feel missed connections aren’t realized until someone else points it out. I can’t imagine my life any different from right now.
When those doors shut towards the end, did you have to take the next train back? (laughs) Yes, I had to take the train back, but Willa from Descendant Films was sweet enough to keep me company on the trip back.
Any other behind the scenes stories you’d like to share? There was a point where Phil had to catch the train doors right when it was closing in the beginning scenes. He literally barely made it in, his legs got caught! Luckily he didn’t get hurt. Now he can say he does his own scenes! This is the first time I’ve attempted acting and Rooftop Pursuit and the amazing team at Descendant Films made me feel so capable. If you happened to be there, you’d think we were all long time friends when most of us just met for the first time that day.
What’s next for you? where can we find you online? I’m planning on competing in my first fitness competition this year. I’m currently in training. You can find me at Oh! I just recently became an avid instagramer @mcbarao
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    Hitting on girls on the train. That’s my game, thun!

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