I honestly don’t know what the appeal is with Medicom Toy’s Bearbricks besides the fact that it’s a great piece of ornament for your office desk or to fill in the space of your bookshelf because lack of said books. But Medicom Toys collaboration with the Transformers franchise is different. Playing on the robots in disguise concept, the Bearbricks’ canvas features Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumble Bee and  Starscream in their robot design but the figures can morph into their true form. Peep the pictures below:

bearbricks and transformers 2


bearbricks x transformers robot


Bearbricks Optimus Prime


Bearbricks Megatron


Most of the time, designer toys are put on display to appreciate the details in design and concept. However, in this case, this is more interactive.


[via hypebeast]

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