Hey guys, this is my new girlfriend. We’re definitely dating. Nah, I’m not lying. Ask her. Wait, don’t. Please believe meeee~

How you properly cover a Justin Bieber song in 3, 2, 1… Nah, but this is really something special right here. Youtube sweetheart Jeni keeps things simple, singing a jazzy rendition of the Biebs single in front of a grey backdrop, rocking some glass rosary beads, and a shy smile. Is this love?

Nah but seriously, we got a lot of cutesy sanrio chacks on youtube singing songs. This girl might be able to straddle that cute but sexy lane for the guys who aren’t trying to date an actual living cupcake. How about that!

[via kineda]

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    I won’t do her. I respect girls like her too much. She got talent.