The GUMSHIP 100: Asian Men of the Year 2012

But first, a word from your editor.

What a year.

I started GUMSHIP in January, because there wasn’t anybody really looking out for the Asian man. Sure, there were a few sites out there claiming to cater to the demographic but while their content was cool, the delivery was off. I could tell dudes behind the screen weren’t really out there like that, partying but also getting their literature on, hitting up shows and mashing on game controllers, palming burgers but keeping a pair of chopsticks to maneuver these noodles with, getting with girls but also having those nights where it’s just you, the moonlight, and tears of loneliness as lubrication.

They ain’t about that life, son!

Honestly, I don’t know what ‘that life’ is supposed to entail but somehow, I’m living it. I’m not your typical Asian because there’s no such thing. At the same time, I had the DBZ hairstyles in the 90s and MSG flowing through my veins like the rest of ya’ll. So throughout the year, we celebrated that with every post, whether it was a gallery of new graphic T’s, a review on being a Triad in Sleeping Dogs or fondling bewbs at a porn convention. We celebrated that.

And damn, what a year!

A lot of Asian guys making headlines. Like, serious headlines. Facebook money, Linsanity, Op- op- op- you know the rest. The site came at just the right time to give that official, unofficial, but super-official Asian stance on what it is and what it isn’t. I mean, we missed some things too because it’s like you Asians E-honda’d my news feeds with achievements but we did our best. So, here we are capping off the year with a mega list saluting everybody we covered and even giving props to the people we missed.


Now the way we picked and ranked these individuals is borderline nonsensical. We scanned through a variety of categories for names, and in the beginning, even coming up with a 100 names seemed damn near impossible. But it got easier as we went along and before we knew it, we had to cut people and weed through the list for people we felt genuinely stood for excellence in their field, made an undeniable impact in 2012, or they just had that ‘it’ factor. Some of these guys will never appear on this list again while others will only climb higher up the chart. Also, nobody’s going to be totally happy with the rankings, including myself (I’m going to be shifting around names until a few minutes before I click the ‘publish’ button and then regret that decision). So the only real way to read this list is to not worry so much about the ranking, and just get familiar with what your fellow man did this year. Word up, feel the inspiration, and see what you can do to be an exemplary dude in the new year in your own ways, and maybe we’ll see you on here in 2013.


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Art by Jaeil Cho