Men’s Fall/Winter Jacket Buyer’s Guide 2012

Published On September 12, 2012 | By Dave | features, lists, outerwear, style

Labor Day weekend usually marks the end of Summer, but I don’t think it was official official until I found myself curled up in a ball under my thin ass blanket this morning. Usually when that first bit of cold hits, I start looking for the appropriate threads that will get me through the Fall and Winter seasons. Here are a variety of styles that are available for purchase, online, right now. Most of them from the latest Fall/Winter collections. Make sure to check out all pages. Stay warm, folks.

*In alphabetical order by brand

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  • Anthony

    Your selection of jackets look shit. No offense, Dave

  • Dave

    ^ Sorry Anthony :I

  • Charie

    Clearly jackets that make you look like a member of a high school varsity team give you a huge boner. The Brixton jacket was the only decent looking one.

    • Dave

      LOL you right though, varsity jackets are my shit