Men’s High Heels

Published On June 11, 2012 | By Dave | footwear, style, videos, wtf

The homie Keith over at Seoulistic put together this video about ‘men’s high heels’ but we’ll call them ‘lifts’ because I can’t fux with that name lol. Apparently they’re very common in Korea. I actually remember the first time I seen them. I was working part time at a footwear spot and some FOB came in asking for a bigger size then he really needed. Noticing the semi-confused look on my face, he sheepishly explained that he needed extra space for his ‘lifts’ and I put on that hey-it’s-all-good face, real fast. But then, I had to leave the store for a second because I was shaking violently from holding in my laughter. All good. No judgment zone. But seriously? Nah man, this is not it.

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