I like how the attitude towards Hollywood adapting game franchises now is just super negative. Back in the day, that would’ve been the best news, ever. Remember paying good money to see Street Fighter, Double Dragon, and Super Mario Brothers with John Leguizamo in theaters? I do! So it’s funny how announcements like these now have to come with a disclaimer.

Kojima Productions boss Hideo Kojima explains that he had been searching for years for a suitable production team to create a fitting movie adaptation, but with the availability of Avi Arad to oversee things and his reputed success at adapting American comic book classics (or Marvel comics at any rate) he had confidence he would do Snake justice as well.

Arad for his part pledges “not to do anything bad to the Metal Gear Kojima created” and promises “to make a wonderful movie in the spirit of the original,” doubtless dispelling the doubts of all but the most pessimistic of naysayers.

You know what though, I don’t see them really “messing” this one up. It ain’t no King Koopas or nothing like that, it’s doable… right?


[via sankakucomplex]

  • Isaac

    I wonder who will play snake? I mean everyone knows David Hayter as the voice of Snake. It’s either that or they Hugh Jackman <—-that's as close as you get to a Solid Snake voice

    • Dave

      Ha! Not a bad casting choice.