There’s a lot of XXX going on around the internets at any given moment. One look at your child’s google search for… pretty much anything, spawns thousands of lewd images. Nobody can do anything about it, right? Not if this middle aged man has anything to say about it.

A man in his 40s, claiming to be a writer and critic of topics related to education, raised concerns about the 28-year-old former AV actress — now a mainstream entertainer in China — maintaining a high-profile presence on Twitter.

With the large-breasted Sora having had starring roles in the fantasy-horror click “Big Tits Zombie” and the psycho-sexual thriller “Revenge: A Love Story,” it seems plausible that the objector was taking such a stance due to the risk that adolescents may have access to provocative content…

There he is. Because the children are our future!

“People on the Internet are making a big deal out of this issue,” says a writer specializing in online media. “As the record shows, this man was requesting that Aoi, via multiple accounts, connect, or follow, him on Twitter.”

Nonetheless, the educator made demands on a daily basis: “I am a fan of yours; please follow me,” “Please consider following,” “How’s work? Your English is getting better. Please follow me,” and, in the end, he wrote in English, “Please follow me.”

After being neglected, he took legal action.

The man then explained in vain that he made the requests in order to find out what actually happened regarding Aoi being singled out in a controversy that surfaced in China.

“If I can’t have her, nobody can!!!” LMAO @ this dumbass… Apparently, Sora’s fans found his personal information and put it out there out of anger.

[via tokyoreporter]


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