just became the 1st person maybe to ever have gotten kicked out of a Hackathon. So it was for Tribeca Film Fest and the app we made was supposed to have a narrative. Film maker on the team wanted to be the boss with no knowledge whatsoever of what’s possible, kept talking about Flow states and detecting ppls moments of zen to capture pics and field recordings.

I tried to tell dude sory man there isn’t a zen sensor out.

My idea was to create a rocket/catapult game, a war of the 5 boroughs, use accelerometer, jawbone sleep data (sleep replenishes health but makes u vulnerable), heart rate monitor, compass and tilt sensor for the artillery degree. My ideas for the narrative was a gangsta story , maybe a vid of ppl talking shit like Gangsta hotline, film all the homies out here pretending to beef etc.

To mediate our quarrel, this old biased film maker tries to jump in and tell us to make an exercise app. He said his dad died because he didn’t exercise and that would make a good narrative because he says if he told his story abt his dad dying from not exercising it would make ppl cry. I tried to tell them the data was not possible so they were like Fake the data.

Mike Gao DOES NOT FAKE THE motherfucking data.

These weak ass film makers wouldn’t even give my idea a chance and THINk of a narrative. I bust my ideas tryin out their ideas tellin em it’s not possible so they tell me to fake the data. I got pissed and went on a rant. How the fuck is an exercise app a cooler narrative than gangstas going to war on some modern day Game of Thrones shit. What is harder? Us to make a genius app and him to come up with a story or them to come up with a corny ass basic ass app (basically the Narrative camera we were using ALrEADY is designed to be taken on a walk and it ALREADY puts ur pics together in an experience) dude wanted to tie these photos to heart monitor and put crappy field recordings . I woulda had to program all this bullshit while his ass sits and keeps conceptualizing wack ideas .

So I spoke my mind and called bullshit and they didn’t like it and kicked me out.

I called bullshit because dude admitted it wasn’t abt not making a narrative, it was abt the narrative not being “conceptual” enough to the old judges tastes. My whole career/academic career I dealt with old white composers literally saying to me my beats and beat were worthless because they weren’t conceptual. That is my pet peeve. Because beats are way more conceptual than anythin these guys can understand. It isn’t abt concepts it’s abt whether it’s suitable to the palette of an old establishment. I bet the judges woulda loved our gangsta ass conceptual game. Both old film makers must suck ass at making films and creating narratives that’s y they ain’t ever gonna get into the Tribeca film fest w their weak ass boring documentaries .

I came up w a 5$ million dollar idea and these idiots wanna front on ur boy because my idea was too real too good. Weak ass foo didn’t like violence and rockets he makes documentaries abt farming. I was even willin to replace the missiles w ppl catapulting dick pics of love and messages to eachother, some kinda future geofenced msging app, but nope they really wanted their fake data exercise app these old HACKs.

Reprinted with permission from Mike Gao with the express condition that he maintains that the organizer Boyuan Gao and the overall event is dope but fuck the filmmaker. Check out his music on Soundcloud and pick up his new app Polyplayground on iTunes.

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