Back in the 90’s, if you were Asian and hung out with Asian kids, you probably knew how to do a freeze or at least manage a clumsy floor-hump of a worm. Sure, your Mossimo shirt would get sweaty, and your JNCOs might get dusty, but if you could manage half a flair at the school dance? High fives forever, yo. Dancing had taken over the youth!

Mike Song was a product of that era and unlike the majority of us, he didn’t suck.

Fast forward to today, and heads know him as part of the Kaba Modern crew that placed 3rd in the first (and best) season of America’s Best Dance Crew. Dancers know him from his workshops and dance competitions where he’s snagged his share of trophies. If you don’t know him, it’s time to get familiar by checking out the choreographer’s work on YouTube (dance tutorials and choreography), TV (most recently, So You Think You Can Dance) and on the big screen (Step Up Revolution) at the same damn time (Future voice)!

I spoke to Mike and tried my best to connect all the dots through his journey. We don’t cover everything, but the homie threw mad ninja stars about Naruto philosophy, America’s Best Dance Crew, and the story behind his new collective the Kinjaz.