There is no question that Mike Tyson was the baddest man on the planet. I never got a chance to see his glory during his prime in the 80s, but damn look at his ferocity in speed and power! With the sound effects dubbed from the Street Fighter video game, the highlight reel was even more entertaining to watch. The title, Balrog Highlight (Mike Tyson Street Fighter Parody), refers to one of the bosses in Street Fighter II and Balrog was designed to have similar appearances of Tyson himself. Originally named M.Bison in Japanese version, the character had to be renamed to Balrog in the States due to likeness infringement.

In the first ten seconds of the video, you’ll see Iron Mike shadow boxing in the ring  with the swift punching sound effects and it makes Tyson so animating(no pun intended). But after watching the video, it was still astonishing to see Tyson’s quick knockouts synched with the stupid grunts that you would hear when you get owned in Street Fighter.

[via laughingsquid]