I’m not against plastic surgery. I’m against every chick getting the same damn eyes, nose, and chiseled down jaw line. Like, is looking exactly like the next chick really what’s up in Korea? I hear it’s because they all go to the same doctors or they try to emulate the same actress’ look.


I vaguely remember Japan calling us out on our beauty pageant candidate being an obvious product of these procedures. But Korea doesn’t care what Japan thinks (they be shittin’ on each other left and right if you were living under a rock). But now, it’s the whole internets.

The photo of the 20 Miss Korea 2013 contestants, which was originally posted on a Japanese blog, was almost unanimously bashed by Reddit users for what they say represents a growing trend in plastic surgery that makes the women look remarkably similar to one another.

As an American of Korean descent, I don’t like the ridicule but I’m also a little glad it’s happening. Sometimes you need to tear something down to make it right. Koreans generally don’t really like to hear outside criticism (especially from Japan) but if it’s the whole world, they’re bound to pay attention, even a little bit.

On another note, I’m not going to say I’m not guilty of promoting the Korean plastic-y models myself on Travel Guide Thursdays. They still look good, yknow? But cot damn, peep this gif below… Can any native Koreans comment on this? Do you think this will get picked up on TV? Even if it does, will it change anything?

[via ibtimes]


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  • kool boy

    Oookay now that’s a new level of weirdness. This is Eugenics right here.
    Like you said the problem is they look the same! Damn 20 differents women look the same! Where it gonna stop! Are we gonna ban all ugly people who can afford to pay for surgery in Korea? Who will decide of the trend? Some people likes skinny women but others not you know? In the other hand if all korean female will lloks like the 9 Members of SNSD it will be awesome! (i have a crush on Tiffany).

    But one last problem, plastic surgery allow ugly people to procreate, so imagine their children? You or rockectnews 24 have posted an article about a man in China who sued his wife on court cause their child is ugly as f****! He first thought he wasn’t the father until he found out his wife had a surgery and she was then ugly!