Every week we ask one of your favorite models about their firsts and lasts. Here’s Ann McFerran on learning to live in the now.

Name: Ann Keira McFerran
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Sign: Gemini
Occupation: Artist / Student / Model
Ethnicity: Thai / Chinese

First thing people should know about me? I’m super artsy fartsy and people would say I have a very colorful personality, which I like to translate onto my pieces.  I work mainly with mixed media collage, and mainly focus on creating complexity by developing color, texture, and contrast. I am a sucker for contemporary art work that pops or engages the mind, and I try to make all of my pieces of that flavor.

Last thing people would know about me? I chose my first name when I was 4 yrs old, and middle name when I was 13 years old after having moved here from Thailand because my name was too difficult for all the white kids and substitute teachers to pronounce (Jitsupa Tangtronchitr). I was the only Asian kid in my class in elementary school!

First thing i do when i wake up? Ideally I’d like to stretch out and meditate. But I’m normally in a rush to run off somewhere. One of my goals is to focus on being more present and taking the time to really enjoy what I’m doing in the present moment. It sounds corny, but to fully appreciate and love life instead of thinking about what could be in the future. Especially in LA, where I recognize how money driven everyone is. That chase will never end, so just be happy now! For some reason, I feel most in the present at night. This is the reason why I don’t sleep a lot because I’m always up late doing the most random things, like running a 5k at 3 am, making art at my friend’s studio on Sunset, walking along the beach, having long late night conversations with people I’ve just met, etc. I also go to UCLA as a Psychobiology major so that doesn’t help either. I love to explore and take on all new experiences and opportunities whenever I can. Although sleep is important, it seems to have fallen away in priority, in my life recently. Because the possibilities in LA are endless–with a multitude of interesting people and places to meet and visit–it can be distracting, but rewarding and fun at the same time!

Last thing i do before i fall asleep? I am normally very irregular in what I do and never really have a routine for anything except maybe applying makeup and putting on clothes!  I do, however, enjoy doing some late night yoga just to stretch out, release, and relax my body from the daily stresses. I stretch a lot!

Do you kiss on the first date? I’m not that easy! haha no, it’s not even that. I just like to reserve my affection for people I really really want to give it to–people that are special to me. I feel that if you don’t, then it lowers the value of all the people you’ve given it to in the past! That’s why I don’t casually kiss :)

How long should sex last? As long as I want it to! Hahhaahahah ;3. Honestly, it really all depends on the mood of both you and your partner.

First on your list of things you find funny? Other people! I love hearing stories from people and their crazy shenanigans. You definitely can’t beat Vegas stories though–things that happen in Vegas definitely do not necessarily stay in Vegas!

Last thing or person that made you cry? Honestly, breaking up with my boyfriend of 2.5 years :(((( #shitjustgotreal

What’s the first dish you mastered? As a poor college student, the spinach omelette! I found that mixing in Korean BBQ sauce from Ralph’s does wonders to add plenty of flavor. Weirdly, I never get tired of eggs.

What would be your last meal on earth? All the food I can muster to eat!!! At that point, waistline doesn’t matter lol I love all types of Asian food (with a preference for Japanese, Korean, and of course, Thai).  Mediterranean, Ethiopian, and Indian food is great for a change up if I ever get tired of Asian. I guess you can say I love almost all other countries’ food :) sorry, America!

Where can people find you? Mainly Instagram (@Gigglestorm) and for personal friends, facebook.  I’m also building a website for my artwork ( Gigglestorm is coined from my thunderous laughter! Haha :)

Photo Credits: An Tang (1-6), Zack Young (7-10), Selfie











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