Every week we ask one of your favorite models about their firsts and lasts. Here’s Eriko Katayama and why a tangerine may or may not have made her cry.

Name: Eriko Katayama
Location: Downtown LA
Sign: Leo
Occupation: Student
Ethnicity: Japanese-Korean

First thing people should know about me?  I’m a serious retail therapist. I hoard shoes and you will be scared once you see my closet. If you are okay with this, we can be friends.

Last thing people would expect about me? I do not always shop or take selfies. I do a lot of things to contribute to society. For example, I’ve worked with North Korean refugees to help them through the settlement process while I resided in Seoul, South Korea.

First thing i do when i wake up? I look for a mirror to see how swollen I am. I don’t know why but my face gets extremely swollen in the morning…

Last thing i do before i fall asleep? Check my Instagram and facebook to see if there’s anything interesting.

Do you kiss on the first date? Never. I’m very conservative when it comes to dating. I wouldn’t want to kiss a man I barely knew. I have to hang out with him  for couple weeks to get to know him better.

First on your list of things you find funny? I think my accent is pretty funny. I can never pronounce “emperor” correctly.

Last thing or person that made you cry? I’m a crybaby. I cry about everything. The last time I cried was two days ago when I had this massive craving for sour food, but the only sour thing I had at my place were tangerines.

What’s the first dish you mastered? I can cook delicious tempura soba, Japanese cold noodle.

What would be your last meal on earth? I would want “All-you-can-eat” Chinese hotpot. I’m a little obsessed with Chinese hot pot.

Where can people find you? Instagram: erik01990


shot by Eric Calderon

shot by Eric Calderon





Shot by Frank Zhen


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