Every week we ask one of your favorite models about their firsts and lasts. Here’s Miss Las Vegas 2014 Lisa Song Sutton on the lucky person she texts first thing in the morning and more.

Name: Lisa Song Sutton
Location: Las Vegas
Sign: Pisces
Occupation: Business Owner / Realtor / Model
Ethnicity: Korean-American

First thing people should know about me? People should know that I am friendly, yet assertive, and determined.

Last thing people would expect about me? People who only know me as a model would not expect my education background and business acumen. Most people in general would not expect that I am a classically trained pianist and flautist.

First thing i do when i wake up? I text my parents ‘good morning’ and then check e-mails on my phone.

Last thing i do before i fall asleep? I check my calendar for the next day’s schedule and go through any unanswered emails.

Do you kiss on the first date? Sometimes. It depends on the chemistry and vibe.

How long should sex last? (laughs) As long as necessary.

First on your list of things you find funny? I love wit and dry humor. It takes a certain intelligence to make solid ironic jokes. I am attracted to that.

Last thing or person that made you cry? I recently watched ESPN’s 30for30 on Tupac and Mike Tyson, “One Night in Vegas”. It was a really well-done documentary and showed the similarities between two generally misunderstood people.

What’s the first dish you mastered? My mom taught me how to make kimchi when I was in college. I love my mom’s cooking and can never quite duplicate it, but I am trying.

What would be your last meal on earth? My last meal would be a home-cooked Korean meal from my mom: soon dubu (spicy tofu soup), kimchi, white rice, and bulgogi (marinated beef).

Where can people find you? Thank you for having me! You can find me at: website Twitter / Instagram. Please also check out my alcohol-infused cupcake company: Sin City Cupcakes.

photo credit: Eva Simon (1-2), Georgina Vaughn (3), Ryan Dwyer (4-8), Oscar Picazo (9-10)

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  • RMJR

    Lisa is Beautiful Inside & Out & 1 of my Favorite Models & Women :) GREAT Interview & it was Nice To learn Even more about her :)