Every week we ask one of your favorite models about their firsts and lasts. Here’s Mona from sunny California.

Name: Mona
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Sign: Libra
Occupation: Veterinary Technician
Ethnicity: Chinese

First thing people should know about me? I’m really shy and awkward initially, often people mistake it for being stuck up but I’m really nice.

Last thing people would know about me? I think balloons are creepy and that I’m a hopeless romantic.

First thing i do when i wake up? Look at the time. I’m ocd with time. I hate being late.

Last thing i do before i fall asleep? Put in my earplugs, I sleep with earplugs in every night.

Do you kiss on the first date? I would rather not, not to sound like a prude but I think it’s more special and meaningful if you wait until you are both sure of each other..haha

First on your list of things you find funny? Groucho glasses and Tyler Perry movies.

Last thing or person that made you cry? Everything makes me cry. I’m sensitive. Haha, no but probably when my dog got sick and had to be hospitalized a couple weeks ago.

What’s the first dish you mastered? Steak and eggs lol.

What would be your last meal on earth? This has got to be the hardest question in the world..I love food so much. I would have to say either king taco (2 El pastor and 2 Carne asada tacos – no onions or cilantro) or salmon sashimi..or lobster and prime rib..*drools*

Where can people find you? Instagram (@iimakitty)

Photo Credits: Percival (@percival___)









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