Hong Kong’s new fantasy flick, The Monkey King, smashed  the box offices in China and seven other territories ranking  at the top of the global box office this past weekend.

Following the exploits of a mystical, powerful monkey (Donnie Yen, also the film’s fight choreographer), the 3D film is based on part of the 16th-century Chinese mythological novel Journey to the West.

The film had an estimated gross of  $46 million, beating the top grossing movie in the U.S., Ice Cube and Kevin Hart’s Ride Along, at $12 million. With big names like Donnie Yen (Ip Man..enough said), Chow Yun-fat (OG in the industry), and Aaron Kwok (dude did the Pepsi commercial/music video with Janet Jackson) that were involved in this production it’s no wonder the movie was a hit in China. But I can fondly remember those days as a kid watching TVB’s adaptation of Journey to the West series and just mesmerized by the lively performance of Dicky Cheung as Monkey King. His charisma in portraying the character made the Monkey King appear cool and badass. That was my shit, plus watching TVB dramas was the only effective way the kid could learn the dialect. The film is said to be release in the U.S. this summer, but check out the trailer below.

[via buzzfeed]