MUJI is one of the illest companies. If you’ve ever been to their NYC location right next to the NY Times building, you can get a wide variety of nicely-designed products for the crib. If you’ve ever been to their location in Tokyo, you can COP actual cribs! Yeah, they’re major. So now they’re trying to engage the rest of the world:

MUJI presents their worldwide travel initiative “MUJI to GO” which focuses on desired pieces for individuals who make jet-setting both a hobby as well as a lifestyle. Utilizing staff tips from various team members and valued individuals around the world, up to 50 items will be selected as part of their “From Japan to the World” layout strategy.

Word. Wait, what? There’s a ‘for more information’ link, and I went. Still confused. Can somebody tell me what this is exactly? Thanks because I’d like to get down.

[via hypebeast]