This may look silly to non-gamers but serious gamers know how serious that mouse is. BMW and Thermaltake have collaborated to create the Level 10 M Gaming mouse. Very serious. Check out the details:

Unlike its teasing appearance in January, the unit now has some real-world specifications, including five programmable keys and a Z-key that’ll change your gaming profile on the fly. The optical unit’s DPI was a closely guarded secret, but the companies have confirmed it’ll default to 5,000, but can be tweaked up to 8,200 if you need it. Sweaty-palmed gamers will appreciate the holes drilled in the top, preventing your secretions from loosing your grip from the handset. It’s available right now for $100…

Shit is so serious. You know you want your fingers to hop into the driver seat of that thing.



[via engadget]