I had no idea this game was coming out. This is crazy because I routinely check Wikipedia for future releases for Anime games. I guess I’ve been busy. No worries. It’s better this way, no wait time!

So I looked around and it seems the critics are unanimous, it’s another solid edition.

This also means, damn it, I’m going to finally cop that Xbox 360. This shit happened to me in the past. I held out on that PS2/Gamecube generation until like a year before they stopped making games for them. I was too busy discovering recreational drugs at the time and being cheap. But when Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen 3 dropped (after playing 1 & 2 at friend’s place), I had to cop the system. Now, I’m about to cop an Xbox around the time people are expecting the 720, which by the way isn’t happening this year, but still. Don’t get it twisted, I’ve been playing all the newest games thanks to my gamer homies but this the final straw.


I’m also aware of the new One Piece game, but fuck a One Piece game. I love the anime but they’ve been failing with those ever since that first Power Stone shit (that I actually bought and then tossed like Xena’s chakram).