Naruto SUN Storm Revolution is the latest addition to the Naruto game series and they really just went all out with this one. First of all, 100 playable characters. 100 fucking playable characters bro!? Granted, it’s a lot of folks returning from older iterations but still, that’s just OD. The additions though… well, more on that later. Big game developments include tournament style online play (which looks especially dope because they show the country you reppin’) called Storm League Play and a revamped battle system that allows for four player battles which also allows for combination jutsu attacks.

Anyway, ya’ll catch that last bit? Hella dramatic and then… Apron Itachi! Yo, the creators of Naruto are the best for real. I can’t breathe. Mecha Naruto is amaze too. I need this, yall. The game drops Sept 11 in Japan and Sept 12 in Europe. Not sure about America, but I’m assuming around the same time as Europe?

[via animenewsnetwork]