Stephen Dypiangco and Patrick Epino are doing good. As the National Film Society, they’re bringing insight into the world of cinema through offbeat interviews with industry folk, proper tributes to slept-on classics like La Bamba (Lou Diamond Philips, forever), and lists on the hottest Asian actor dudes (Ayo!). It’s not about being the end-all-be-all authority on cinema like their name might imply, it’s about spreading an appreciation for the art form, week by week. In a short period of time, they’ve already received co-signs from media outlets like the Wall Street Journal, a gig with the Public Broadcasting Station (PBS), and entrance to red carpet events where they shared awkward but endearing smiles with famous people.

But they’re also doing bad.

Recently, they started a Kickstarter to raise funds for a new series, Awesome Asian Bad Guys. Oh shit! Described as Expendables meets Dumb and Dumber, it’s a tribute to all the Asian baddies from our favorite action movies. I can’t think of a worthier cause to donate your little allowances and leftover beer money to. So I caught up with the NFS for a cool chat and they broke it down. Welcome to the Bad Guys Club.

  • rich

    oh snap. i totally kickstarted this. we’ll have a viewing when it drops.