The Assassin’s Creed franchise has been steadily dropping AC games every year for a while now and it don’t stop.I’m not too mad at it because most of the games have been a lot of fun to play through but I really wish they could bring that shit over to ASIA. I mean, is it too obvious to make the stealthy assassin a ninja? How about samurai then? Am I bugging? There were some rumors of it being set in Japan but the people at Ubisoft deaded that :(. Whatevz, the teaser trailer for Unity¬†(yeah, I always say that word in the Dave Chapplle voice too) really shows off the crisp graphics and I’m not too mad at the thought of jumping around roof to roof in Paris. Maybe next one? Check it out below along with some leaked screenshots and look out for the game in Fall.





Parkour up and down eh? There were also rumors that a second game named Assassin’s Creed Comet¬†made exclusive for last-gen consoles would be released around the same time. We’ll let you know.

[via ign]