This movie is going to be the shit. It takes place a few years after the Majin Buu saga, so it’s that sweet spot in the series where they just had to end everything (DBGT is wild sucky, I’m sorry). Even though they released a trailer or two, they didn’t explain much in terms of plot. Honestly, they didn’t really have to because it’s really a SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY situation but still, glad they’re sharing a bit.

The story takes place a few years after the fierce battle with Majin Buu. Bils, the God of Destruction who maintains the balance of the universe, awakens from a long slumber. Hearing rumors that a Saiyan defeated Frieza, Bils goes on a search to track down the warrior who championed this feat – Goku. King Kai advises Goku to avoid a confrontation, however, Goku is ecstatic that a new opponent has appeared after many years and decides to fight. Unfortunately, Goku is no match for Bils’ overwhelming power and is defeated. Bils leaves, asking if “there is anybody on Earth more worthy to destroy?” Will Goku and the Z Warriors really be able to stop the God of Destruction?!

My thoughts? Bils looks like a herb but he will probably be cool as fuck. Definitely a pervy grandma voice though, watch! You know what’s not cool though? This promotional tie-in.

El oh el, DBZ pens. Anyway, the film will open in Japan on March 30. There’s no word about an American released but I’m sure it’s going to happen.

[via animenewsnetwork via saiyanisland]

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  • Hi_Man2.0 (@2Kool_Boy)

    Don’t Know what to think, i’m glad to see a DBZ again, but why Goku’s ennemies are more & more weird ?