Judging from my facebook timelines, it seems like a lot of people have embraced the app as a good way to help them keep up their exercise routines. But there are still a lot of people who aren’t on that or any type of exercise regimen at all. Maybe this will help?

It’s called Burn Your Fat With Me!!, and it claims to be the first “moévation” fitness app (“moé” is the warm fuzzy feeling otaku get). Here, Burn Your Fat With Me!! motivates folks with a moé schoolgirl.

The game has players perform a series of fitness tests as the in-game dating sim style story unfolds. The final goal is doing something like 120 sit-ups in the span of a few minutes. There are two different modes—”soft” and “hard”—so you should be able to find a pace that suits you.

By doing the training mode, you get points (Moévation Points, actually) that you can use to unlock the story mode—much of which is voiced, which is pretty neat. And the voice acting isn’t half bad, which is extra neat.

So which girl do you think is the hottest? LOL Get the app here.

[via kotaku]

  • isaac

    girl with the red eyes is the best one xD