Ya’ll don’t even know my struggle. Literally checking every video spot I ever came across to see if they got Godzilla movies I’ve never seen. This was back in the day, ya’ll. No internet aka access to everything in the world, ever. So when they decided to remake Godzilla the first time, I was pretty into it. Until it dropped and I emitted a Godzilla shriek in a fit of rage.

But this right here? THIS RIGHT HERE SON?!

Director Gareth Edwards look like he’s really trying to turn up. ¬†Looking at Godzilla through the smoke gave me legit chills. I shuddered. I just went back to my childhood through my mind as an adult and ripped up all the Godzilla drawings I used to do during class. Like, this shit look radioactive foreal foreal!!

Am I setting myself up for HUGE disappointment? You be the judge.

[youtube id=”kALRTUX4GW0″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

Uh btw don’t try to have a real fanboy discussion with me about the old films. I was doing this when I was still holding my mom’s hand through life aka I don’t remember shit. I skipped passed the dialogue straight to the fighting too. Shit’s was like porno. Go Godzilla, go!

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