It’s probably been a minute since the Mortal Kombat series put out a new edition to their line of video games. With that said, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and  NetherRealm Studios dropped the new trailer for Mortal Kombat X.  Featuring the familiar rivalry match between Sub-Zero and Scorpion. Peep the trailer down below to see who wins:

Cotdamn, there is no question about it that the graphics in the game are beautiful but what really sold it for me was when  Sub-Zero broke off a tree branch , freeze it to an ice club/bat and  just wailed the shit out of Scorpion’s face. This interaction with the environment is one of the may cool new features in the game.  Also, if you’re wondering who’s spitting the bars on the trailer it’s Wiz Khalifa on his new track “Can’t Be Stopped.” I have to say, featuring Wiz Khalifa’s track gives that extra hype to the game because the song fits well with the pacing and overall movement in the trailer. Although still in the development process, don’t sleep on Mortal Kombat X as it will release in 2015.

[via hypebeast]